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Published November 3, 2011 by Swirly678



My cats poems

Published November 1, 2011 by Swirly678

My cats

I have a cat called Ginger he is a ninger
and a very big binger
he will go asleep at night
and wakeup in the morning in great delight
to find a sturfry cooked over night
Ginger is my favourite cat
and no one can ever change that

dilly or referred as billy
but a prefer dilly
is my 2nd favourite cat
ithink its cute when she puts her pawn on her tail under the mat
and when she jumps on that bin
and gives a grin
i know she wants in!

lilly is shy
and gives a sigh
but always smiles
even if she were away 100 miles
she is so pretty with her snow queen coat
and she owns her own boat
called the lilly queen deck

smokie may be missing  6 months or so
but we never give up though
we wish he would come back some day
i bet he is far away
in new york or somewere hot
but he is happy anyway
and as long as he is happy we dont mind him stay

This can be found on the page My cats.

Halloween Poem

Published October 30, 2011 by Swirly678

Sometimes you want to go asleep

when suddenly you hear a silent beep

you dont go out

or about

you stay apout

on the ground

you creep  to the hall way

then you hear a silent whisper say

you will never leave my kingdom of frights

especially not in the middle of the night

so you better get used to it

because I wont be leaveing in a little bit!